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Rob Price is a London based sound designer working in film, television, commercials and podcasts.

He began working in television sound in 2010 and has since worked on many high profile shows such as Merlin, Luther, Ripper Street and Inside No.9. Many of these productions have been nominated for awards in sound such as The ABC Murders which was nominated for the AMPS award for excellence in sound and Crazyhead, which won the RTS West award for Sound Fiction.

In 2017, Rob set up Earthsound, a company specialising in Foley recording, which runs to this day. Recently, he has worked as a sound designer and rerecording mixer on short films such as Bitter Sky (2019), Dubs (2019) and Dirt (2020). 

In 2018, he wrote and directed the short film Gnomes which was nominated for the 2020 London Short Film Festival's 'Random Acts' award. In 2020 he directed the short film What Is Ian which was featured on both Film Shortage and Directors Notes.

In 2019, along with director Adam Bernet, he created the Alleyways podcast, an experiential audio network focused on surreal audio drama and immersive storytelling.

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